Meet the Polish cat-nurse who cuddles sick animal friends.

If you’re not a cat person, you will be now.

Meet Radamenes. He is a cat. He is also a nurse. 


Radamenes, from Bydgoszcz, Poland, helps patients in the animal hospital recover by giving them warm hugs — because love really is the best medicine.

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The furry friend gives much needed companionship to sick puppies and kittens, offering up massages and even cleaning them when needed.


Radamenes came to the animal hospital after contracting a respiratory infection. The people who brought him in thought he was so sick they might have to put him down..

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But with a little help from the Bydgoszcz Animal Shelter, Radamenes made a miraculous recovery — and is now returning the favour by helping his animal brothers and sisters.

“Don’t worry little friend, Radamenes is here.”

He’s particularly friendly with animals who have undergone serious operations and according to Bored Panda, people have been coming from everywhere to meet Radamanes who is rumoured to bring good luck.


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