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UPDATE: Eight month old baby Zhaiden Hume has been found after he was abducted by his father last night. Zhaiden was reportedly handed into a police station in Campbelltown. His father is still missing. 

1. NSW Police are desperately searching for an eight-month-old boy who was abducted at knife point from his Chester Hill home overnight. It’s been reported that the boy and a 16-year-old girl were taken from the Kenthurst Pl home at around 8:30pm. The girl was assaulted and left next to the Hume Highway Douglas Park at around 10pm.

It’s believed the man involved is the child’s father. He’s described as having brown hair, a thin build, 165-175 centimetres tall. He was reportedly wearing a blue jumper and green tracksuit pants.

This morning, police found the 2007 Toyota Camry the man was driving but there was no sign of the baby. Anyone who has seen anything should call 000.

2. As many as 80 people have died after a train derailed in northwestern Spain. More than 140 people were injured in the crash. It’s believed the train was passing through an 80km/hr area but was travelling at more then double the speed limit.

3. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has announced he wants to appoint a three-star military commander to lead asylum seeker operations. A Coalition document about the “Operation Sovereign Borders” suggested ”there must be one person responsible with all the necessary resources of government at his or her command.”

”The scale of this problem requires the discipline and focus of a targeted military operation, placed under a single operational and ministerial command,” it read.

4. Doctors from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians have announced that they think physical punishment – including smacking – of children should be against the law. The group says parents and guardians need to be better educated about the potential negative effects of physical punishment. The college’s Professor Susan Moloney told the media: “Research is increasingly showing that physical punishment may be harmful and children who receive physical punishment are at increased risk for a range of adverse outcomes both in childhood and as adults.”

“These include mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, aggressive or antisocial behaviour, substance use problems and abuse of their own children or spouse,” she said.

Marte Dalelv

5. A 24-year-old Norwegian woman who was recently pardoned for her crime of ‘extramarital sex’ in Dubai has returned home and said she acted “stupidly” during the trial. Marte Dalelv was reportedly ‘tricked’ into withdrawing her rape report after initially reporting it, which meant she could be convicted for consensual sex outside of marriage.

6. A man involved in an argument with a woman over a parking spot in Beijing threw her two-year-old child to the ground and killed her. The man, who has been identified as Han, became violent towards a woman when she had her car parked in a spot he wanted, but did not move because she was looking after her daughter at the time. Han got out of his car and hit the woman, before grabbing the baby girl and dropping her on the ground.

7. In a story out of Indonesia, an armed robber stopped his burgling to feed a crying child – as he and his three accomplices had gagged and tied up the mother and nanny. The Daily Mail reported the burglar as saying:  “I asked his mother how to make him stop crying. She said he had to be fed with milk. I gave it to the baby while cradling him. Not long after, the baby fell asleep so I put him in bed. I have a kid, so I know how to cradle a baby.” The gang were later caught, and one of the group killed in police fire.

8. Victoria Police are currently searching for an online scammer, who has been using the online site Gumtree since June 2012, to trick legitimate users out of their money. The user claims to have items listed as ‘wanted’ on the site, and then after arranging the transfer of funds, disappears.

9. An 11-year-old-boy who was driving his sister to the school bus at the outskirts of their family’s property in Western Australia has been killed after the car hit a tree and rolled. His nine-year-old sister was injured, and trapped next to her dead brother for almost 7 hours, until the children’s mother arrived home.

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