true crime

The police woman who had to watch hundreds of child abuse videos in two days.

Narelle Fraser spent 27 years in the police force investigating the most heinous crimes.

She dedicated her life to helping victims of horrific sexual and violent crime, exposing herself to death and trauma on a daily basis.

But eventually, the terrible things she saw began to tear her apart.

When she finally sought help, it took the psychiatrist 30 seconds to diagnose her with post-traumatic stress disorder. But Narelle found a coping mechanism.

She made a list of 33 cases – the big ones that affected her and led her to this point. From the first dead body, to sifting through 1700 child pornography videos in two days and rating them on a scale of one to five, five being the absolute worst a person is capable of.

In this harrowing podcast, Narelle shares the ordinary objects that trigger flashbacks and nightmares, the bonds she formed with victims and why she can’t watch NCIS to this day.

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