This Olympic pole vaulter had a dream. Then his penis ruined it.

Oh dear. It seems one Olympic athlete’s dreams have been savagely crushed…

… by his penis.

Yep, Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita’s Olympic campaign was ended on Tuesday by his dangly bits after they caused him to foul in the qualifying rounds of the men’s pole vault.

Ogita, who I’m assuming has never wished to change the size of his gonads until now, was attempting to clear 5.3 metres when his willy caused a downright DISASTER.

While a rogue leg here and a chin graze there made the precarious bar wobble on his first attempt, it was his penis that sent him packin’ all the way home.

What a dick move.

Confused? You’ll see what I’m talking about below.

I’m pretty confident when I say a wandering willy is not what Ogita thought would end his Olympic dream.

Pretty good...
Preeeeeetty goooooood
Alllllllllmost theeeeereeeeee
Oh god no.
I have no words. (Screenshots via Imgur)

Heartbreakingly, the daredevil penis ultimately cost Ogita a place in the final, too.

The 28-year-old's spirits were clearly shaken from PenisGate - he cleared the height on his second attempt but was only able to finish the round on 5.45 metres - which was inadequate to progress any further.

Why oh why is it always the ones you love who hurt you the most?

Featured image: Getty