Feeling a little unsure about 2017? Masterchef's Poh Ling Yeow can predict your future.

Celebrity chef and author Poh Ling Yeow has given her food mastery a bit of a mystical twist.

Poh has collaborated with food company Ayam to create an interactive event for this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations in Sydney.

The ‘Ayam Zodiac Roulette’ event offers fortunate foodies a prediction for the year to come and a recipe. Visitors are invited to step inside a tuk tuk and trade their astrological data for a tasty reward.

The ‘Zodiac Roulette’ uses an individual’s Chinese and Western zodiac sign in order to suggest their perfect Asian dish. The app will then offer users a horoscope prediction for 2017.

I’m predicting mine will be a bit salty, a bit sweet and fraught with bad dates.

“Everyone knows what their Western horoscope is, based on the month that they’re born, but the Chinese zodiac is based on the year that you’re born,” Poh explains.

“We’re going to fuse the two cultures.”

A sneak peek of the upcoming event. (Source: Facebook)

The event's launch this Saturday coincides with the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

In Chinese astrology, each year is assigned an animal and one of the five elements. This year is the year of the fire rooster, following 2016's year of the fire monkey.

Those born in 2017 or indeed, in 1957, the last time a fire rooster year fell, are said to be trustworthy, responsible and hard-working.

If those sound like traits you'd like in your future child, you have about two months to get busy.

Visit the Ayam Zodiac Roulette over these dates at these locations. 

Saturday 28 Jan, Customs House, 5pm-10pm

Sunday 29 Jan, China Town, 12pm-8pm

Friday 3 Feb, The Galeries, 11am-4pm

Saturday 4 Feb, Customs House, 5pm-10pm

Sunday 5 Feb, China Town, 12pm-8pm

Saturday 11 Feb, Darling Harbour, 9am-3pm

Sunday 12 Feb, Darling Harbour, 9am-3pm