How To Add Volume To Flat Hair Without Any Product

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08 Jun 2020 · 18 minutes

How To Add Volume To Flat Hair Without Any Product
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Is your hair a bit flat at the moment? Are you looking for ways to spice it up now you can leave the house again?

In this episode, Leigh and Kelly discuss how to add volume to your hair, without the usual suspects (dry shampoo, we see you). 

Plus, they tell us why the skin on our cheeks loosens as we get older and what products we can use to combat the signs of ageing. 

And in Spendy Savey, the girls are both equally excited about new(ish) fake lashes that are lightweight, wispy and easy to put on.

The list of products mentioned in this episode are below;




Hosts: Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren

ProducerLeah Porges


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