12. Light The Candles. You Made It

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26 Sep 2017 · 48 minutes

12. Light The Candles. You Made It
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Congratulations. You made it. Pop the cork, pour a glass of bubbly...(well, maybe not if you’re still breastfeeding) and pass the cake. It's time to marvel at how things have changed. We check in with our in-house paediatrician to go over baby's milestones, and discuss what to expect when you're living with a toddler. And if you've closed up shop, and you're in the "one and done" crowd, we discuss being an only child. But if you want to go around again, we talk planning for siblings, how to go about it, and introducing baby number two. 

Show Notes

Episode Guests: Dr. Golly & Saengtip Kirk

Hosts: Holly Wainwright & Christie Hayes

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