Katherine Knight: The Abattoir Murderer Of Aberdeen

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29 Jan 2020 · 41 minutes

Katherine Knight: The Abattoir Murderer Of Aberdeen
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It was 6am on March 1, 2000, when John Price’s neighbour noticed his car was still in the driveway. It struck him as unusual. 

John’s supervisor noticed his absence at work too. An off-handed comment he’d made the day before made his co-workers feel uneasy.

At 8:10am, Officer Matthews and Officer Furlonger arrived at John’s home. 

His front door was locked. The two police men decided to walk around the side of the house, and break in through the back door. What they saw has been described as one of the worst scenes in Australian criminal history. A judge would later refer to what happened as “beyond contemplation in a civilised society”. The horrific actions of Katherine Knight resulted in her being one of the few women in Australia’s criminal history to be handed a sentence that will see her imprisoned for the term of her natural life.

Jessie Stephens sits down with journalist and author Sandra Lee to look into the mind of Katherine Knight, to find out what lead her to murder her ex-partner in such a horrific manner.  You can find Sandra’s writing on Katherine Knight, Beyond Bad: The Life and Times of Katherine Knight at all good bookstores.



Guest: Sandra Lee

Hotst: Jessie Stephens

Producer/Editor: Elise Cooper


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