Jose Martinez: A Killer Hiding In Plain Sight

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Jose Martinez: A Killer Hiding In Plain Sight

When Jose Martinez’s sister was murdered, he got revenge by murdering her killers. This sparked what would end up being three dozen murders, he completed over more than three decades, many of them on behalf of drug cartels, as a hitman. Despite being a ruthless killer, Jose is described as a soft-spoken doting grandfather and complete family man.

In today’s episode, Jessie speaks with Jessica Garrison. Jessica is a senior investigative editor for Buzzfeed News and spent more than a decade as a reporter at the Los Angeles Times.

In her book The Devil's Harvest - A Ruthless Killer, a Terrorized Community, and the Search for Justice in California's Central Valley, Jessica traces the life of Jose Martinez, the cops who were investigating him and the families of his victims. 

Throughout her research, Jessica has studied decades of case files, Martinez’s handwritten journals, interrogation transcripts, and spoken to the people closest to this case to find the answer to one question. Why do some deaths, and some lives, matter more than others?

Guest: Jessica Garrison
Host: Jessie Stephens
Executive Producer: Elise Cooper
Producer/Editor: Hannah Bowman 




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