Best Of 2019: The Beauty Queen Killer

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25 Dec 2019 · 65 minutes

Best Of 2019: The Beauty Queen Killer
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This episode of True Crime Conversations is part of our 2019 Holiday series. We've handpicked episodes from throughout the year that we though deserved another listen.

Christopher Wilder is the Australian serial killer responsible for the biggest man hunt in US history. Wilder lured his victims by posing as a talent agent and model scout and beauty pageants across America. His modus operandi of kidnapping, torture, sexual assault and ultimately murder, spoke so deeply of his utter hatred of women.

In recent years it’s been speculated that Wilder is also responsible for one of the biggest cold cases in NSW criminal history; the Wanda Beach murders.

Author Andrew Byrne has researched and documented the crimes of Wilder in his latest book The Pretty Girl Killer. He joins host Jessie Stephens to explore the pure evil that was Christopher Wilder

You can buy Andrew Byrne’s book The Pretty Girl Killer online and at all good book stores.


GUEST: Andrew Byrne

HOST: Jessie Stephens



The Pretty Girl Killer by Andrew Byrne 

Serial Killers; Christopher Wilder, The Beauty Queen Killer

FBI: The Untold Stories - The Kidnapping of Tina Risico

Mystery and a Spree Killer. Law and Ordnance. July 22, 2009

New York Daily News “Beauty Queen Killer” 1984


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