Kristy Dickinson Wants You To Know Everyone Can Wear The Aboriginal Flag

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Kristy Dickinson Wants You To Know Everyone Can Wear The Aboriginal Flag

A house party leads to many things, but the name of business probably isn’t one of them.

When Kristy Dickenson was working a retail job she didn’t like, she realised she just wanted to make beautiful accessories that she would wear. 

And one evening, Kristy was organising a house party on Facebook, and called the event ‘Haus Of Dizzy’ - dizzy moles being an affectionate term she called her closest friends. 

Fast forward a couple of years and Haus of Dizzy the business, not the facebook event, has been worn by the likes of Drew Barrymore,  Lauren Hill and Miranda Tapsell.

From palm trees to sassy hoops to the deadly indigenous flag itself, Kristy has created a range that reflects her bold and unique personality and has resonated with Australians everywhere, no matter what their nationality. 


Host: Marlee Silva

With thanks to Kristy Dickinson

Producers: Elissa Ratliff and Amelia Navascues

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