What do you say to someone who's lost a baby?

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18 Aug 2016 · 49 minutes

What do you say to someone who's lost a baby?
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Six babies are delivered stillborn every day in Australia. Many thousands of women miscarry. And the loss of every single one of those precious children is a terrible grief. This week is Mamamia’s Pregnancy Loss awareness week. We talk to Rebecca Sparrow about the right things to say to someone who has lost a child, what you can do to assist, and how not to approach the topic.  Plus, you've heard of French Parenting and tiger mums, but the hot new approach is Danish parenting.  What's involved? And what the heck is vaping? We have a handy guide for any parent with a teen who's going up in smoke. 

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This show is hosted by Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

With thanks to our special guest Rebecca Sparrow. You can find all the details on how to join the Never Forgotten Facebook group and where to download the eBook at mamamia.com.au/never-forgotten
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