Little Kids: How Megan Gale Navigated Grief And Parenting

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24 Nov 2019 · 24 minutes

Little Kids: How Megan Gale Navigated Grief And Parenting
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Unfortunately the world doesn't stop turning when you become a parent. And that means sometimes you have to deal with grief or big life events while you have a baby. 

In this episode Leigh and Tegan share how they got through some tough times during pregnancy and the newborn phase. 

Plus they're joined by Megan Gale, who opens up about her experience with grief when her kids were very little. 

And of course, we end today with a little chuckle in our WTF moment of the week segment. 

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Your hosts are Leigh Campbell & Tegan Natoli

With thanks to our guest Megan Gale
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