I Gave Birth In A Ute And Now I'm Truly Aussie

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02 Mar 2017 · 37 minutes

I Gave Birth In A Ute And Now I'm Truly Aussie
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When you have to hose down the back of your ute, you know things haven't gone quite according to your birth plan. Rebecca gave birth on the side of the road not once, but TWICE. So how does that happen when you live 10 minutes from the hospital? And is anyone game to sit in the trusty Triton now? Beyonce has been dethroned by Zoë Foster Blake as the queen of pregnancy annoucements, but has the whole fertilisation-photoshoot-extravagazana gone too far? And if your kids can keep quiet over their quinoa, there's a fancy Italian restaurant that will reward them for their good behaviour with a discounted bill. Now if only that happened at the local pub...

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