Little Kids: How Do I Have A Christmas Tree & A Toddler?

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13 Dec 2020 · 19 minutes

Little Kids: How Do I Have A Christmas Tree & A Toddler?
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Welcome to This Glorious Mess Little Kids. A twice-weekly look at parenting as it really is. Confusing, exhausting, inspiring, funny, and full of surprises. So many surprises. 

It goes without saying, 2020 has been a big year for all us. But amongst all the chaos, the stress and the uncertainty surrounding this year, have you found a silver lining? 

On today's episode, Leigh and Tegan reflect on the year that was. From trials with Mum guilt to gaining more confidence as parents and even a bit of playground fatigue, it's been a long and exhausting twelve months. But despite everything that's happened, what can we be grateful for? 

And, it's our last listener dilemma of 2020! We’re discussing the unfortunate pairing that is toddlers and Christmas trees. 


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Host: Leigh Campbell & Tegan Natoli

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