Cheaper By The Sixteenth Child

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20 Jun 2019 · 41 minutes

Cheaper By The Sixteenth Child
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If you thought your nightly routine with your children was hard, imagine doing it with 16 kids under the one roof.

Holly chats to mother of 16, Jeni Bonell about what life's really like when you have enough kids to fill a football team.

Plus, we all want to keep our kids safe and happy but all this fear is leading to paralysis parenting. The inability to do anything because you're scared something will go wrong.

And with everyone sharing the very best versions of their lives on social media comparing ourselves to others has become an international pastime.
So how do we stop competing with other parents social media profiles?


Your hosts are Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo

With thanks to Jeni Bonell. You can follow the Bonell family's journey here;

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