BEST OF TGM: The Neo-Peasants Gave Up Toilet Paper

this glorious mess

28 Dec 2017 · 33 minutes

BEST OF TGM: The Neo-Peasants Gave Up Toilet Paper
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While you've all been lazing about on the beach and indulging in leftovers, we've been hard at work putting together a round up of the best bits of This Glorious Mess over the past year. 

On today's show, we revisit our fascinating interview with the Neo-Peasants. Meg and Patrick eat roadkill, teach their kids about safety by giving them knives and they traded in toilet paper for family cloth!

Plus, if you didn't hear us talk about the woman who breastfeeds her baby while having sex with her partner, you have to listen in (if only to hear us squirm!) Glorious goddess or wildly inappropriate mum? You be the judge.

And we've got some excellent kid friendly swear words so you can stop dropping those F bombs on impressionable little ears. 


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