How To Halt The Disease To Please

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02 Aug 2016 · 30 minutes

How To Halt The Disease To Please
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Do you find it hard to say no to others? Do you try to please everyone else at the expense of what's best for you? And are you constantly doing things out of guilt or obligation? You need some boundaries. This episode we look at the drawbacks of being too nice, how to say no without feeling guilty about it, and how to break all those patterns to ensure you stop putting yourself last. 

Hosted by author and columnist Rebecca "No Boundaries" Sparrow and radio presenter Robin ""Former People Pleaser" Bailey, it's the show that explores the head, heart and happiness of life. 

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Rebecca Sparrow is an author who's now committing to saying no.

And Robin Bailey used to be a pleaser. Now she's quite good at knowing what she wants, hear her on Triple M Breakfast 

Thanks to psychiatrist Judith Martin 

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