We Were Wrong About Naomi Campbell All Along

The Spill

We Were Wrong About Naomi Campbell All Along

On the show today…

After a successful “redemption edit” Schapelle Corby has quit Channel 7’s SAS Australia. What pushed her to the limit?

And a new book chronicling the break down of Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship has been released. Find out what's really been going on behind closed doors.

Plus, in today's deep dive...we've been wrong about Naomi Campbell for decades. The supermodel covers the new issue of Vogue and explains how the “angry Black woman” narrative has marred her career for decades

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Hosts: Laura Brodnik & Kee Reece

Producer: Melanie Sauer


Vogue Interview: Trailblazer, Mentor, Provocateur: How Naomi Campbell Changed Modeling Forever


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