Nakkiah Lui & Miranda Tapsell On Empowering Indigenous Women

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19 Jun 2020 · 21 minutes

Nakkiah Lui & Miranda Tapsell On Empowering Indigenous Women
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On the show today…

We speak to Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell about their new podcast Debutante: Race, Resistance and Girl Power. 

About Debutante: Race, Resistance & Girl Power

They’re wearing ball gowns, they’re debutantes… and they’re black. The debs’ ball is a controversial colonial export but can it be empowering too? Australia’s most celebrated young playwright Nakkiah Lui and actress Miranda Tapsell put on their hats and gloves to find out.

Nakkiah and Miranda are angry, young, vocal, Aboriginal and very, very funny. Join them on their journey, starting with a lesson on teatime etiquette in London where it all began, as they follow the debutante trail and discover that First Nations women across the globe have made this tradition their own. Nakkiah and Miranda ask: can beauty, poise and politeness actually empower them? Or is it better to get angry and start shouting?

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