Why Celebrity "Glam Squads" Are The New Celebrities

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30 Sep 2019 · 15 minutes

Why Celebrity "Glam Squads" Are The New Celebrities
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The Spill is Mamamia’s daily entertainment podcast that catches you up on everything in entertainment and pop culture. It’s snackable and perfect for your commute home.

On the show today…

The Hollywood reporter has profiled celebrities and their glam squad, so how have glam squad’s become a status symbol?

Billie Eilish is taking a stand against climate change during her upcoming world tour, but what does a ‘green tour’ look like?

Stacey Dash was arrested this week, but why did she mention Clueless during the arrest? 

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Hosts: Kee Reece & Laura Brodnik


Producer: Hannah Bowman



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