Waleed, Wolf Creek and Wentworth.

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09 May 2016 · 40 minutes

Waleed, Wolf Creek and Wentworth.
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On The Binge, everyone gets a Logie. 

But what actually goes on inside the Logie Awards? 

Susan Carland joins Laura Brodnik and Monique Bowley to discuss her husband Waleed Aly's Gold Logie win, what it's like inside the room, and the strangest things that happen on the red carpet.

Plus, the fourth season of Wentworth is about to premiere, Monz couldn't be more excited that there's a TV version of Wolf Creek and this week, Recommendations come from you, the listener. 

Show notes

The Binge is brought to you by Foxtel: Make it Yours. 

This week, Rosie Waterland is sick, and our show is hosted by Laura Brodnik and Monique Bowley.

With thanks to Susan Carland.

Monique recommends Scandal, available on iTunes

Laura recommends iZombie, available on Stan.

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And the all-new bat phone, where you can leave a voice message for us to play on the show. The number is 02 8999 9386.

This show was produced by Holly Wainwright and Elissa Ratliff.

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