Veronica Mars Season 4: The Brutal End That No One Was Expecting

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26 Jul 2019 · 34 minutes

Veronica Mars Season 4: The Brutal End That No One Was Expecting
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Every month Mamamia Reviews will dissect the biggest show in the world - and this week is all about Season 4 of Veronica Mars.

Think back to 2004, when Veronica Mars was one of the most popular mystery shows on television. It was created by screenwriter Rob Thomas, a man responsible for the iconic 90s TV show Dawson’s Creek and was set in a fictional town called Neptune, California. Three years later, after ongoing network issues, the show was cancelled after only three seasons and left hardcore “marshmallows” craving more.

Fast forward again to 2019 and thanks to Stan and Hulu, Veronica Mars season 4 has returned. So if you’ve just finished watching Veronica Mars Season 4, join Mamamia’s Entertainment Editor Laura Brodnik and Melody Teh as they talk through what’s good and what was (sad) about the show. 

And yes, there will be spoilers. 

The End Bits

Hosts: Laura Brodnik & Melody Teh

Producers: Elissa Ratliff & Amelia Navascues


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