Veronica Mars is the Smartest Teen Show Around

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27 Nov 2017 · 41 minutes

Veronica Mars is the Smartest Teen Show Around
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Be still our teenage hearts, we finally get to talk about the greatest detective show to ever grace our screens. And if you don’t know what we’re talking about, get your butts straight over to Stan, watch Veronica Mars, then report back for our deep dive.

Join two diehard Marshmallows and one Veronica Mars rookie as we discuss the brilliant characters of this cult show, whether Veronica and Logan really were an epic love story, and how the sexual assault storylines eerily resemble the current state of the world. Plus, Laura was one of the benefactors that helped make the movie happen - so how did it compare to the series and was it worth her investment?


Your hosts today were Laura Brodnik and Clare Stephens 

With thanks to Gemma Garkut 

Watch Veronica Mars on Stan 


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