Travels With My Father

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01 Feb 2019 · 22 minutes

Travels With My Father
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There aren't many shows that can elicit a genuine 'laugh out loud'. But we're willing to guarantee this is one of them. 

In this comedic travel-documentary style Netflix series, British comedian Jack Whitehall drags his somewhat old-fashioned father, 78yo producer and talent agent Michael Whitehall, around Asia (Season One) and Eastern Europe (Season Two).

So is Travels With My Father the funniest series on Netflix, or a poor man's version of An Idiot Abroad? What's the running production feature that makes us feel uncomfortable throughout the whole show? And why are we left asking a big question about Travels With My Father and the success of Jack Whitehall's series at the end?

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Hosts: Jessie & Clare Stephens

Producer: Luca Lavigne

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 02 8999 9386

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