This Is Us, Gogglebox & 2017 Bachelor Predictions

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13 Feb 2017 · 42 minutes

This Is Us, Gogglebox & 2017 Bachelor Predictions
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It’s the hit US TV show that everyone has been talking about. And finally, after talking about talking about it for so long, Laura and Tiff dive deep into This Is Us. Plus, Netflix are about to release a new version of Anne of Green Gables, but Laura Laura won’t be watching it. And Gogglebox is back. PRAISE THE TV GODS. We go into Isabelle Silbery living room and ask her what it’s like having a camera crew in her house watching her watch TV.

Show Notes

This episode was hosted by Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk

With thanks to Isabelle Silbery

The Bachelor will return to Channel 10 mid year.

You can watch the first season of The OA on Netflix, now. 

Netflix's Anne will premiere on May 12th

Gogglebox is back on Foxtel on Feb 15, and on TEN on Feb 16.

Catch up on This Is Us on Tenplay

Laura thinks you should be watching Imposters on Stan and Tiff thinks you should watch The Job Interview on Foxtel.

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