The Handmaid's Tale, Hell's Kitchen & The Great Gold Logie Debate

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The Handmaid's Tale, Hell's Kitchen & The Great Gold Logie Debate

The Logie nominations are out. And as always, there is some controversy surrounding who is up for Gold (or, how many men) so we decided to call up the TV week editor to hear how this happened. Plus, all our favourite TV actresses have banded together for the most important show of the year. Which explains why Laura is so excited about the Handmaid’s Tale. And Hell's Kitchen is coming to Australia, but what about something a bit more original? 

Show Notes

This episode is hosted by Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk

With thanks to Emma Nolan

 This show was produced by Elissa Ratliff for the Mamamia Podcast Network.

Hell's Kitchen is still filming, but it will be coming to Channel Seven later in the year

You can watch Speechless on Tenplay now.

The Handmaid's Tale will premiere on Hulu on April 26. Yet to be announced where you can watch it in Australia

The 2017 Logies are on the 23rd of April on Nine

Catch up on MKR on Yahoo Seven now.

Laura thinks you should be watching Twin Peaks on Stan and Tiff thinks you should watch Friday Night Dinner on Stan. Tell us what you're watching via email: [email protected] or OUR VERY OWN FACEBOOK PAGE.

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