BONUS: Rosie & Laura Recap Gilmore Girls, Seasons 1-7

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17 Nov 2016 · 47 minutes

BONUS: Rosie & Laura Recap Gilmore Girls, Seasons 1-7
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NO SPOILERS. We’ve got one week until Gilmore Girls is back on our screens, so Rosie and Laura thought it was time to look back over the seven seasons of the hit TV show in this very special Gilmore Girls themed episode. They talk fast, they drink coffee and of course they go head-to-head over who Rory and Lorelai should end up with. Plus, because Laura is a mega-fan, she decided to ring up one of the Gilmore Guys, Kevin Porter who has a cameo in the reboot, to talk about what we should expect. Grab a pop tart and some coffee and settle in…

Show Notes

This episode was hosted by Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik 

Thanks to Kevin Porter

You can watch all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix now. The Reboot drops on November 25.

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