Riverdale, House Husbands, and Fake Dee

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06 Feb 2017 · 29 minutes

Riverdale, House Husbands, and Fake Dee
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There’s a new Netflix show on the block. But what you may not have realised is that Riverdale has been influencing your life, and you didn’t even know it. Delta Goodrem is about to make her return to the silver screen. But will she redeem herself? Tiffany sure thinks so. Plus, everyone is watching Married At First Sight, but for Laura, it's all a little too real. 

Show Notes

This episode was hosted by Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk

Watch Neighbours (and fake Dee) every week night on Eleven at 6.30

Catch up on House Husbands on Nine Now. 

Watch Married At First Sight Monday - Wednesday on Nine.

You can watch Riverdale on Netflix

Laura thinks you should be watching American Horror Story #5 on Netflix and Tiff thinks you should watch Party Down on Netflix.

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