Please Like Me, This Is Us & How To Win A Logie.

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12 Dec 2016 · 36 minutes

Please Like Me, This Is Us & How To Win A Logie.
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Ever nominated someone for a Logie? Time is running out. We've got the inside details from the Editor of TV Week on why those nominations mean a LOT.  We're running a campaign for Leigh Sales and Lisa Wilkinson to have their moment of Gold....come vote with us.

Plus, Please Like Me left us all feeling extremely shocked last Wednesday - so why did Josh Thomas tell us that nothing happened? And there’s a new show called This Is Us that both Laura and Rosie love, but after hearing about what’s in one of the lead characters contracts they were left very uncomfortable...

Show Notes

This episode was hosted by Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik 

With thanks to Mia Freedman and Emma Nolan from TV Week. 

Vote for the TV Week Logies here.

Find all the Golden Globe nominations here.

You’ll be able to watch This Is Us in Australia next year on Ten.

Seasons 1-3 of Please Like Me are now on Netflix and you can watch Season 4 on iView.


Laura thinks you should be watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix. Rosie thinks you should be watching Fancy Boy on iView.

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