Outlander, OITNB and UnREAL

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13 Jun 2016 · 43 minutes

Outlander, OITNB and UnREAL
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We went to Canada to visit the set of UnREAL.

The smash-hit dramedy that goes behind-the-scenes on a Bachelor-style dating show has just started season two. And Laura Brodnik got to snoop around the mansion, meet Quinn and Rachel, dodge Chet, and find out what's in store for the next season of this breakout show.

Plus, why Outlander has the best sex on television, what we can expect from the season four of Orange Is The New Black and why Melissa McCarthy finally agreed to appear on the Gilmore Girls reboot. 

Show Notes

This show was hosted by Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik, and produced by Holly Wainwright and Elissa Ratliff. 

With thanks to Stan, and all the cast and crew at UnREAL. Season 2 is on Stan now.

Gilmore Girls will be revived on Netflix later this year. 

Season 2 of Outlander is on Sunday nights at  7.30 on SoHo. Season 1 can be found on Netflix.

Orange Is The New Black returns to Netflix on the 16th of June.

Rosie recommends Four Weddings on Nine Life.

Laura recommends Teen Wolf

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