The Wrong Girl, Glee and Our Big Bang Theory.

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26 Sep 2016 · 23 minutes

The Wrong Girl, Glee and Our Big Bang Theory.
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The Wrong Girl premieres this week, does it live up to the hype? Laura has had a change of heart and seems to think it does. Plus we need to ask you a question: is the Big Bang Theory the best or worst show on TV? Because Jessie believes that it is the worst show that has ever been made. And she has a theory about the people who watch it. And the gritty behind the scenes of Glee: turns out it wasn't the sunshiny happy Glee club we thought. 

Show Notes

This episode was hosted by Laura Brodnik and Jessie Stephens.

The Wrong Girls airs Wednesday night at 8:30pm on Channel 10, and the first episode is available now on Tenplay.

You can watch The Big Bang Theory on Netflix

You can watch Glee on Netflix

Jessie recommends: Googlebox on Ten and the Foxtel Lifestyle Channel
Laura recommends: Masters of Sex on Stan

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