Nashville, The OA & The Very Best Shows of 2016

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Nashville, The OA & The Very Best Shows of 2016

Rayna James’ hair is back. And in the new season of Nashville, it's as glorious as ever. But has everyone's favourite country-music show jumped the shark? Plus, if you’ve noticed a heap of new shows in your Netflix feed, you should probably start watching The OA, which people are saying is even better than Stranger Things. Big call. Plus, it's almost the holidays and time to watch even more TV - so The Binge hosts are naming their top and bottom 5 shows of 2016.

Show Notes

Rosie Waterland is away. 

Your hosts were Laura Brodnik  and Jess Clark

You can watch all eight episodes of the OA on Netflix now.

Catch Nashville on iTunes & Foxtel

Laura's top shows were:

Orange is the New Black

The Night Of 

Stranger Things

The Mindy Project


Jess' top shows were:

Survivor Australia


Game of Thrones

Stranger Things

Have You Been Paying Attention

Laura's bottom shows were:

Luke Cage


The Crown

The Wrong Girl

Jess' bottom shows were:

Fear The Walking Dead

Who Killed Jon Benet

Fuller House

The Secret Daughter

Zumbo's Just Deserts

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