Modern Love: The Rom Com We All Needed

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25 Oct 2019 · 20 minutes

Modern Love: The Rom Com We All Needed
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Every month Mamamia Reviews will dissect the current biggest TV show in the world - and this month it’s all about Amazon Prime Video's Modern Love.

Based on a New York Times column of the same name, the series follows 8 different love stories and the different types of love they showcase.

From romantic love, to friendship and even self love, Dev Patel, Tina Fey and Anne Hathaway star as part of an incredible cast that bring these real life love stories to the screen. 

Mamamia’s Laura Brodnik and Keryn Donnelly dissect the whole 8 part series and chat about why every now and then it's completely acceptable to just have a cry over a good old rom-com. 

And yes, there will be a whole lot of spoilers.

Hosts: Laura Brodnik & Keryn Donnelly

Producer: Rachael Hart 


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