Mindhunter, Riverdale and Mums on TV

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Mindhunter, Riverdale and Mums on TV

Looking for your next true crime obsession? Mindhunter might just fill that void, but there's a problem with its treatment of women.

And speaking of violence and darkness - when did it infiltrate teen dramas? We're four episodes deep in season two of Riverdale and trying to figure out how a show based on the wholesome Archie comics got so twisted.

Plus, everyone is calling 2017 the year of women on TV but from SMILF to The Let Down and even The Handmaid's Tale, we think it's actually the year of mums on TV.

Show Notes

This episode is hosted by Clare Stephens and Laura Brodnik

The Binge is produced by Rachel Wagner for the Mamamia Podcast Network.

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