Mariah's World, Gilmore Girls & Everything New on Netflix

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28 Nov 2016 · 46 minutes

Mariah's World, Gilmore Girls & Everything New on Netflix
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The Gilmore Girls reboot dropped on Friday. Is it everything we had hoped for? Why is Lorelai doing a Cheryl Strayed? Where was the real Chad Michael Murray? And what on earth was that ending? Yes, there will be spoilers. Plus, pass the champagne, wack on your best diamonds and play some Emotions - because Mariah Carey’s doco-series is out next week. And we reveal the Netflix schedule for Summer, because no one wants to watch cricket all day. 

Show Notes

This episode was hosted by Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik 

Game of Thrones is expected to arrive next Winter, or summer for us.

Mariah’s World starts on the E Network on the 5th of December.

All of the new Netflix shows will drop next year.

You can watch ALL the Gilmore Girls on Netflix now.

Laura thinks you should be watching The Mindy Project on Presto. Rosie thinks you should be watching Embarrassing Bodies on Nine or Foxtel Lifestyle.

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