Making a Big Bang in the West Wing.

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Making a Big Bang in the West Wing.

With everyone still in denial about the US election, we thought it was about time we dived deep into the political drama that is The West Wing. And please try to control your excitement but Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back! In huge breaking TV news, the Making a Murderer documentary's Brendan Dassey will be released from prison. How a TV show took on the law and changed a life. Plus, the show Rosie is begging you all to avoid. 

Show Notes

This episode was hosted by Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik 

Thanks to Jamila Rizvi and Jo Abi

You can watch the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory on Tuesday nights from 7.30 on Channel 9.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is expected to return late 2017.

You can watch Making a Murderer on Netflix. 

If you need a break from real life politics, watch the West Wing on Showcase every Monday direct from the US at 12.30pm or again at 8.30. 

Laura thinks you should watch the documentary Big Bad Love on ABC2 on November 23rd. Rosie recommends The South Park election special.

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