The Good Wife, Gogglebox and Rosie's new TV show.

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15 May 2016 · 40 minutes

The Good Wife, Gogglebox and Rosie's new TV show.
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Wayne and Tom from Gogglebox are living the dream. Couch-bound, cocktail in hand, commenting on TV shows. We're desperate to know: what really goes into making the Logie-award winning program? 

 Which Australian city is getting a new season of The Real Housewives? The Good Wife is over after seven seasons and no one is happy about it.  And is this the end for Connie Britton's hair on Nashville?

Plus, our very own Rosie Waterland is on the tele in her brand new show for iview. It's like inception, guys.

Show notes

This show was hosted by Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik and produced by Holly Wainwright and Monique Bowley for the Mamamia Podcast Network.

Rosie recommends What's Going On, Canberra? On iview

Laura recommends American Horror Story on Netflix

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