Fuller House of Cards

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07 Mar 2016 · 44 minutes

Fuller House of Cards
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We had high hopes for Fuller House, the rejigged version of 90's classic Full House. But the critics are scathing. Is it so bad it’s good? Also this week, House of Cards Season 4 has dropped with one major difference. We take a look at Ch 7's new relationships show - The Seven Year Switch, and has Nashville sung its last ballad? Plus, the show to watch when you want gritty celebrity death, and the one to watch when you need a big, warm, feel-good-kinda-show.


Show notes:

Your hosts are Rosie Waterland,and Laura Brodnick

With thanks to Alex Greig and our Sponsors, the Nescafe Red Mug Machine

Rosie Recommends The Final 24 - find it on Netflix and Seven HD at 10:30pm on Monday nights

Laura recommmends Hart of Dixie: on Stan.

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