First Dates, Black Mirror & A New MacGyver

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31 Oct 2016 · 41 minutes

First Dates, Black Mirror & A New MacGyver
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Everyone is talking about Black Mirror. The sci-fi anthology series is up to its third season, so how the heck did Rosie and Laura miss it? And is it really that good? Plus, there’s a new MacGyver. Except he doesn’t have a mullet. And he does not look like he could solve a crime. We need to discuss. And we finally talk about The Walking Dead in depth. Grab a blanket and a Tim Tam. You may need it.

Show Notes

This episode was hosted by Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik 

With thanks to Luca Lavigne

Watch First Dates on Channel 7 on Tuesday Nights at 7.30

Find all 3 seasons of Black Mirror on Netflix.

Watch the first 3 episodes of the new series on Ten Play, or on 10 at 7.30 on Saturday nights

Watch the Walking Dead on Showcase 7.30 pm Mondays

Laura thinks you should watch Fear the Walking Dead on Presto and Rosie wants you to watch Boston Legal on iTunes.

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