Everything That Isn't Game Of Thrones

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28 Aug 2017 · 25 minutes

Everything That Isn't Game Of Thrones
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Offspring used to be the biggest show on Australian TV. But somewhere between The Bachelor and killing off Patrick, no one seems to care about the Proudman family anymore. So is it time for an Offspring revival or should the hit show end?  We’ve heard a lot about Ray Donovan on Stan - but is it worth watching? There’s a new show coming soon that Laura thinks will be better than Stranger Things. Plus, The Katering Show girls are back with a brand new TV show and it’s everything we imagined and more...

Show Notes

This episode is hosted by Laura Brodnik and Brittany Stewart

The Binge is produced by Elissa Ratliff for the Mamamia Podcast Network.

Electric Dreams will be coming to Stan later this year

Get Krack!n premieres on Wednesday night at 9.30 on ABC

Offspring is on Ten after The Bachelor

Watch season 1-3 of Ray Donavon on Stan now. 

Tell us what you're watching via email: [email protected] or OUR VERY OWN FACEBOOK PAGE.

Britt thinks you should be watching The Other Guy on Stan and Laura thinks it is worth watching Under The Dome on Stan. 

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