Common Sense, Handmaid's Tale & GOT Theories

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10 Jul 2017 · 33 minutes

Common Sense, Handmaid's Tale & GOT Theories
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Game of Thrones is back in just a few days and to get you ready, Clare has recapped the entire last season. The only catch is we only gave her 90 seconds. Is that even possible? Plus, The Handmaiden’s Tale is finally here, and Laura explains all the little hidden messages you probably missed on screen. Clare talks us through the unsung hero of Yummy Mummies and, if you love Gogglebox - good news, there’s a new show on the block called Common Sense and we speak to the Executive Producer…

Show Notes

This episode is hosted by Laura Brodnik and Clare Stephens

The Binge is produced by Elissa Ratliff for the Mamamia Podcast Network.

Monique Bowley is the Executive Producer of Podcasts

Watch Yummy Mummies on Seven this Sunday at 9pm

Watch Game of Thrones on Showcase from 11am on Monday the 17th

Common Sense is on Wednesday's at 7.30 on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel and Thursday 8.30pm on TEN

Find the Handmaid's Tale on SBS on Demand 

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