Black Mirror Season 4: Technology Isn't Bad, We Are

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08 Jan 2018 · 48 minutes

Black Mirror Season 4: Technology Isn't Bad, We Are
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While you were sleeping (and eating, boozing and lazing on the beach) Netflix went ahead and dropped the new season of our favourite bleak anthology, Black Mirror. But guess what? This season wasn't quite as grim as its predecessors. We talk about the episode that hit too close to home (ahem, helicopter parents please watch Arkangel immediately) and the one that offered a glimmer of hope (we genuinely wish Hang the DJ would come true.) Plus, we break down the hidden meaning of that vengeful, twisty ending in Black Museum. 

We've also got all your Golden Globes news, including Oprah's bloody brilliant speech that will have you cheering and fist pumping wherever you're listening today. 


Your hosts today were Laura Brodnik and Jessie Stephens

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