Bach Chat #8: Love is as Fickle as a Vasectomy

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26 Oct 2017 · 21 minutes

Bach Chat #8: Love is as Fickle as a Vasectomy
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Just when our opinions about Jarrod finally shifted... It was too late. That was truly the dumping to end all dumpings. And we are not okay. 

Our cynical hearts momentarily thawed when Stu finally admitted his love for Sophie. But then our romantic sensibilities waned and we returned to our original stance. We just don’t buy it.

We were impressed by the respectful way he handled questions about his ex and his playboy status though, so you get some points Stu. Treat her well. 


Today's show was hosted by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews

And that is it for Bach Chat this season! Thanks for tuning in. 

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