Bach Chat #7: Sophie Monk is the Most Cultured Bogan Ever

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24 Oct 2017 · 20 minutes

Bach Chat #7: Sophie Monk is the Most Cultured Bogan Ever
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Ugg boots and opera. She’s a woman of contradictions. We were seriously impressed with Sophie's appreciation of the finer things in life, but TBH, we probably would have spent that whole date Instagramming the view.

By Apollo's time frame, Sophie will be popping out babies at 60. At least maybe Stu would actually be single by then.

Speaking of Stu, is our view of him a bit clouded by... something? The $500 million dugong in the room is kind of hard to ignore.

And then there's Jarrod. Is there room for chivalry in a modern relationship? And should the word ‘nice’ ever come into a conversation about love? Sorry mate, we think you just got friend zoned.


Today's show was hosted by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews

We'll be back tomorrow for finale night to discuss Sophie Monk's love life for the very last time. 

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