Bach Chat #7: Just Do It Matty

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31 Aug 2017 · 22 minutes

Bach Chat #7: Just Do It Matty
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If your girlfriend tries to kiss you in front of your six other girlfriends should you (a) let her down gently or (b) pull her behind the curtains for a steamy pash? It turns out there are rules for these things, and Elora broke them. Tsk tsk. Another week, another group date that leaves us pondering whether we’re watching The Bachelor or Fear Factor. But the girls aren’t facing their fears of heights or spiders, it’s all about putting their hearts on the line. Yawn. Plus, is buying your lover a star as romantic as it sounds? At least we can sleep easy knowing there’s not a star up there called ‘Lauratty’. 

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Today's show was hosted by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews

Join us every Thursday straight after the show for your smart Bachie commentary. You bring the champagne and popcorn, we'll bring the banter. 

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