Bach Chat #6: We’ve All Been Ciao’d By a Blake

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19 Oct 2017 · 14 minutes

Bach Chat #6: We’ve All Been Ciao’d By a Blake
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How a man responds to rejection says a lot about his character. So Blake… Ciao, douche. It also makes us really miss sweet, kind James. Apparently nice guys finish fifth.

Plus, it was the great lie of The Bachelorette 2017… Jarrod’s vineyard. The chicks may dig a winery but at the end of the day he’s just a bloke living with his mum and dad.

And Stu finally confessed to the big snip. But not to worry, a vasectomy reversal is just like a $10,000 bunch of flowers for rich blokes. Right?


Today's show was hosted by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews

We'll be back Wednesday AND Thursday to recap both episodes of the Bachelorette finale week and weigh in on who Sophie should choose.

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