BACH CHAT #2: The Mean Girls of Bachie Mansion

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27 Jul 2017 · 17 minutes

BACH CHAT #2: The Mean Girls of Bachie Mansion
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Someone call Tina Fey, The Bachelor just ripped off Mean Girls. The 'posse' of plastics - Jen, Sian and Leah - are taking us back to high school. They've got their claws out and no one is safe. Not even Tahitian princess Elora. But could our very sweet and provincial Matty fall for an exotic French speaking goddess? Parlez vous huh? We guess that's a no. Plus, there's not one, but THREE water dates. But we won't make any wet jokes here.  

Join Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald every Thursday straight after the show for your smart Bachie commentary. You bring the champagne and popcorn, we'll bring the banter. 

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