Bach Chat #10: Where the Heck Was George?

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14 Sep 2017 · 18 minutes

Bach Chat #10: Where the Heck Was George?
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There were tears, fancy frocks, and proclamations of love. But there were two big, important things inexcusably missing from the finale of The Bachelor Australia: 1. We want the limos back and 2. WHERE THE HECK IS BABY NEPHEW GEORGE? We're legitimately weeping for poor Elise, but we must admit - that final scene between Matty and Laura was written in the stars... or, you know, two minutes into episode one.

Show notes

Today's show was hosted by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews

Don't cry over Bach Chat finishing because we are back next week to bring you all the Sophie Monk goodness you didn't know you needed in your life when The Bachelorette begins. 

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