Australian Survivor and Feminist Game of Thrones

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23 May 2016 · 45 minutes

Australian Survivor and Feminist Game of Thrones
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Light your tiki torch, the Aussie version of the world’s biggest reality show - Survivor - has returned. Have the makers of Game Of Thrones finally worked out that women watch it, too?  And just when you thought dating shows couldn’t get any tackier, there’s a brand new “radical experiment” show on its way. Plus, what goes on behind what's going on, Canberra? Jamila Rizvi joins the podcast for a special Survivor and Storyhunters deep dive. 

Show Notes

This show was hosted by Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik 

With thanks to Jamila Rizvi

Australian Survivor is filming until June, we'll keep you updated on a release.

KISS, BANG, LOVE is “coming soon” to Seven. Which means they’re so excited about it, they don’t want to tell us when it is yet…

Game of Thrones Season 6 is currently showing on Foxtel.

Laura recommends Zoo, currently on TenPlay

And Rosie recommends Six Feet Under, available on itunes or will be on Presto in July.

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